Se Fi Pl Ch Pl W-16 KbhJv-16 QQ's Amazing It's Windy On Top


Dob 20150411

e: SEUCH Lilldivans Going To The Top 

(SE FI NO NORD Gibraltar CH Chipau Concert x Lilldivans Number One)

u: Dattu's Linnea Alicedotter

(SE DK CH Small Is Beautiful's Had To Be You x Pequito Alice-Af-Dix)

Sissor 6+6 2,6kg PL: 0,0

 Merits: 5xBOB Puppy 2xBOS Puppy BOG3 BIS2 BIS4

Junior: 1 X BOB 3x BOS 1x CAC SE 1 x CAC FI 1 x CAC PL 1 x CACIB PL 1 X CACIB SE 1x JCAC DK 1x JCAC PL 1 x R-CAC DK 1xBOB Junior

Poland Winner 2016

Copenhagen Junior Winner 2016

Swedish Champion Finnish Champion Polish Champion